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The brand, Sam Mac Entertainment (SME), has set the standard for first-class events and taken it to the next level of entertainment.  The ‘Sam Mac’ experience is best known for sophisticated, premier events for mature adults in a safe environment full of high energy.   We plan our events with the intention of bringing like-minded people together to have fun, network, socialize and enjoy some of the best entertainers.  Our passion and purpose are the driving forces that have contributed to our success throughout the years.  We are continuously looking for ways to innovate our events and lineups. The Sam Mac planning strategy behind the scenes has allowed us to remain in this arena and grow for over 25 years. Our brand provides more than just fun and a good time.


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Sam Ford - aka - Sam Mac

Founder and CEO

Sam Mac Ford is a native Houstonian and a proud product of Fifth Ward, Texas. He is a proud husband, father of four children, local business owner, entrepreneur and most importantly a proud man of God. Sam attended University of Houston School of Business and possessed the desire to innovate an industry by using his business acumen. Sam struggled as he enjoyed watching others socially have a great time in a mature atmosphere. Therefore, his first love captivated him into becoming a local DJ and one of the first to provide video DJ-ing.

After receiving several local awards and serving the music/entertainment community for many years, Sam was no longer referred to as Samuel D. Ford of Sam Mac Entertainment. Sam was only known by “Sam Mac.” The Sam Mac Entertainment umbrella quickly grew and encompassed owning two successful clubs on the north side of Houston named Mac Bar and Mac City and promoting various events throughout the year which have become staples in Houston. Featuring the longest running event of the Sam Mac Entertainment portfolio is the Sam Mac All White Event now in its 22nd year. As an entrepreneur, Founder of Sam Mac Entertainment, Owner of Champions Home Care, Founder of the Group 35, and Up Entertainment (with over 300,000 members), Advocate for Elders in need. Sam’s leadership has influenced thousands to adopt his passion for charitable causes which has enabled him to give back in an astounding way.

As of July 21, 2018, Sam can add author to his resume with the book “Men Are Simple”.  On the same day, Sam was honored by the Mayor of Houston with the prestigious Proclamation Award reserving July 21, 2018, as Sam Mac Day in the City of Houston and recognized him as one of the leaders in our community.

Sam’s goal in life is to ensure that he makes a positive impact on people’s lives through bringing people together in hopes of creating an upscale platform, creating purposeful and valuable social entertainment, and giving back to the community.



Founder and CEO

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Chief Operating Officer


Tabatha Burrell

Event Operations



Assistant Coordinator



Event Production Manager



Sales Representative






Vice President  

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Head of Event Operations



Event Liaison



Event Coordinator



Client Relations

Mac Cares 

Mayor Sylvester Turner honored Sam Mac Ford by giving him a proclamation and declaring July 21 as Sam Mac Ford Day, acknowledging his dedication to giving back to Houston. Mac Cares, operating under Sam Mac Entertainment, focuses on purposeful event planning, supporting community leaders, black entrepreneurs, educators, veterans, and black-owned businesses. Their objective is to reduce economic disparities, promote community growth, and donate a portion of their earnings to charitable causes. Mac Cares also actively participates in monthly initiatives to provide food to the homeless in Houston.

As a token of appreciation for their dedication and sacrifices, Mac Cares specifically supports educators and veterans. They are honored with a medal and a financial gift from Sam Mac Entertainment. It's our love and passion to entertain, honor, and serve. We would like you to join us for a show or donate so we can continue to give back. Every attendance and donation put us in a position to do more. Purchase a ticket or donate any amount by simply clicking on the button.

 July 21st is Sam Mac Day in the city of  Houston

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In recognition of the unwavering dedication and sacrifices made by Educators & Veterans, Mac Cares extends its support. As an expression of gratitude, these remarkable individuals will be presented with a medal and a financial gift, serving as a heartfelt token of appreciation from Sam Mac Entertainment.


Educators & Veterans 


Sam Mac Honors 

Mac Cares pays tribute to the admirable individuals who contribute to their communities. This is done through a prestigious award ceremony that celebrates their selfless acts and is accompanied by an enchanting evening of dancing and captivating live performances by renowned R&B artists.

Feeding The Homeless

On a monthly basis, Mac Cares organizes a collaborative effort, bringing together volunteers to provide nourishment to the homeless population in Houston.

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