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July 22nd 2023

We all have attended parties, but have you had the Sam Ford aka “Sam Mac”  experience? Known for sophistication and first-class events, this duo has not only set the standard for first-rate events but raised the bar. What they contribute to this industry is more than bringing people together for some good food and music, but there’s an undeniable passion and strategy behind the planning that has kept them successful in this arena for more than 20 years. 


There is a purpose behind every party, whether it be recognizing community leaders and Black entrepreneurs and businesses or providing a portion of the event’s proceeds to a social cause. 


image0 (1).jpeg

6:00 pm Doors Open

DJ Walter D

The City Band

8:00 pm


The C.I.T.Y. is a band in Houston, Texas. Their group is vibrant and energetic. Their motto is “we don’t perform, we party.” 
This group of talented songwriters, composers, is made up of male vocals, guitar, saxophone, keyboard and piano, drums and bass guitar. Together they play a mashup of funk, soul, rhythmy, blues and other genres.


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Hosted Comedian

9:00 pm


9:20 pm

Headline artist
to be announced


10:30 pm


GO DJ HI C, from Houston, Texas. I am GO Dj Hi C CEO of I Am A Go Dj Global I have 250 Djs worldwide! .

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