Welcome to the Official Site of Sam Mac Entertainment and 30 and Up Entertainment Groups founded by the renowned Sam Mac Ford. He is a husband, father, local businessman and entrepreneur who has changed the face of Social Media for the Professional, Mature and Sexy Adult. He has mastered the art of promotions and entertainment for decades and continues to bring fabulous parties to Houston, Lousiana, and Chicago with more cities to be added in the future. Mr. Ford has created several Facebook Groups in Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta and Louisiana that caters to the daily entertainment, member engagement, social empowerment and dynamic dialogue that keeps the group members coming back for more. Every year he and his group of Administrators host some of the most upscale events that bring members and guests from all over the country. The Group has set sail and taken the party to sea to many beautiful ports of calls to which lifelong memories have been made. Mr. Ford and his team believe in the power of giving back through community service and charitable donations during natural disasters and have volunteered for school supply giveaways. 30 and Up Entertainment is a diverse networking community and it's members are equally engaged in creating a fun atmosphere to be enjoyed by all. We certainly hope that you enjoy the site and would love to meet you at one of our events. If you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any member of our Team.


Carolyn A. Hooper, President 30 and Up Entertainment Group