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Sam “Mac” Ford is a native Houstonian and a proud product of the Fifth Ward community. He is a husband, father of four children, serial entrepreneur and most importantly, a man of  God. Sam attended the University of Houston School of Business where he learned about the latest frontier of business decision-making. Sam has started many small businesses over the years such as, Champions Home Care, Sam Mac Trucking and Sam Mac Entertainment, along with various other investment ventures.  His love of music is what ignited his interest in becoming a local DJ; which became one of the first of his many successful businesses. Sam quickly captivated his audience and started a strong following, allowing him to consistently book events in Houston and surrounding areas. Always looking to technology to build upon his dreams, he was one of the first DJs to launch an audio and video mobile DJ experience, making his services highly sought after. It was not too long before his reputation as being a full-service DJ allowed him to cast his brand outside of Houston where he was able to showcase his abilities in Atlanta, Louisiana, Chicago, and New York.

After several years of DJing events and hosting multiple parties, Sam realized that it was time to take his business one step further. The Sam Mac Entertainment umbrella needed to grow, and so it did, with the launch of his self-titled club “Mac Bar” located on the North Side of Houston and shortly thereafter, his second club, “Mac City”.

After leaving the club business, Sam still wanting to entertain people, started hosting big events at hotels. In using his popularity and heavy social media following, he grew the events to over 1,200 people attended three times a year. Over the years the events have expanded and grown to also raise money for both local and national organizations that benefit the community. In 2010 we decided to also honor individuals in the community for either their Entrepreneurship or Humanitarian accomplishments by hosting an awards ceremony at our events. This allows our fellow Houstonians to celebrate accomplishments of their neighbors while having a great time out. 

In March of 2013 Sam started next venture, Champions Home Care, dedicated to providing the best in-home care service possible. Sam and his staff of experienced professional are committed to providing personalized services and superior care for each of their clients.  Sam has spent his entire career in service to others, whether it be through his business or on a personal level, he is always trying to find a way to give back. Sam believes wholeheartedly that what you put out in the universe is what you get back which is why he continuously strives to be a role model for his family and his community. Some of his notable contributions include volunteering with the Elderly, hosting clothing drives for victims of Hurricane Harvey, organizing back to school supplies fundraisers as well as making numerous financial contributions to organizations such as, The Houston Food Bank, Rise Against Hunger and The American Red Cross.

As of 2018, Sam added author to his resume with the publication of his first book “Men Are Simple”. His goal in writing this book was to make a positive impact on others lives using his words. Sam is currently working on his second book.

On July 21, 2018 Sam was honored by Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner, with the announcement of a City Proclamation Award, officially naming the day “Sam Mac Ford Day” in recognition of his commitment and contributions to the city of Houston. While this honor was a complete surprise, it has only motivated Sam to want to do more for others. His goal in life is to ensure that he continuously makes a positive impact on people’s lives. 





Cherie Denise Ford aka “Mrs. Mac” is a native Houstonian and grew up on  the south side of Houston in an area known as Sunnyside, Texas. She is a proud wife and mother of four children and as of this year will have been married to Sam Mac Ford for over 20 years. She majored in Healthcare Administration and received her Bachelors of Science degree at  the HBCU Texas Southern University.


Since then Cherie has been blessed to work for some of the largest broker and healthcare companies in the industry such as AON, Prudential, AETNA and now CIGNA healthcare where she has made an impact in healthcare for the community, the elderly, for children and for the indigent as a senior contributor in Network Operations and Provider Contracting for Cigna healthcare and also named one of Cigna’s Community Ambassadors for Cigna’s Houston, Texas division. As she continued to excel in the healthcare field and climb the corporate ladder she has found that she can be an inspiration and a life line to help other African American women striving to climb the ladder in corporate America and assist with the struggles and bias’s that she herself has had to deal with. She learned early on that there are not many African American women that sit in the seat that she is blessed to sit in, so she decided to share her knowledge and become an advocate for women of color as an extension of herself, as an olive branch to assist them with the struggles they may endure and face as they maneuver through the corporate world. Through that journey and her own personal struggles, she created a mentorship program just for Young African American Women called YAAWS (pronounced YEAAAS) which stands for Young African American Women Surviving in Corporate America. She provides advice from applying for jobs, career track /growth, corporate hurdle navigation, HR issues and day to day decisions in their current business role and various resources to ensure their success. 


Donating charitable time, working as a corporate senior leader and being blessed to have the best job in the world which is a mother, she still has to carve out time to work side by side with her husband Sam Mac Ford as his business partner and co-founder of Sam Mac Entertainment. As she continues to work with him with building their empire together as they showcase and honor entrepreneurs, community leaders, activist through the vision of ‘Mingling with a Mission”. This is executed by having over a thousand professionals in attendance under one roof three times a year and honoring and awarding them for their service in the community, while celebrating with fun filled energy and musical entertainment. These events are avenues for Sam mac Entertainment to donate to organizations such as the American Red Cross, Black Lives Matter, March of Dimes, American Heart Society and many more.


Cherie Ford has spent her entire career of 24 years in the healthcare industry serving others and giving back to local charitable organizations, by not only donating financial resources but also donating her time to others in the community. Her goal in life is to ensure that she makes a positive impact on people’s lives through bringing people together in hopes of creating awareness and providing a platform for large organizations to use to give back to those communities and organizations that need them.